PG-13 Toshiyuki Kubooka, Before the police arrive to take the Joker into custody, he gloats that Gotham's citizens will lose hope once Dent's rampage becomes public knowledge. The death of Conway Wickliffe, a special effects and stuntman technichian and the most important (but equally felt) of them, the death of actor Heath Ledger, who played the Joker on the film. There was another Schumacher proposal of a more serious film adapting Frank Miller's "Year One" and another one with director Darren Aronofsky starring Christian Bale (yes, him) as Batman, but it didn't work out. Just to have an idea, the movie made more money than Batman Begins entire domestic run in only 6 days of release. [114], Batman Begins composers Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard returned to score the sequel. Brandon Lee, $448.14M. Not Rated A pair of lookalikes, one a former French aristocrat and the other an alcoholic English lawyer, fall in love with the same woman amongst the turmoil of the French Revolution. [10], As we looked through the comics, there was this fascinating idea that Batman's presence in Gotham actually attracts criminals to Gotham, [it] attracts, "Why So Serious?" Alex Proyas | "Gotham is in chaos. Last night Warner Bros. announced a limited edition The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray combo pack which features a … $28.80M. In the film, Bruce Wayne / Batman (Bale), Police Lieutenant James Gordon (Oldman) and District Attorney Harvey Dent (Eckhart) form an alliance to dismantle organized crime in Gotham City, but are menaced by an anarchistic mastermind known as the Joker (Ledger), who seeks to undermine Batman's influence and throw the city into anarchy. 23 min David Selby, [125] The sequence was released on the Blu-ray Disc edition of Batman Begins on July 8, 2008. The new Batman movie would be a complete reboot of the old franchise, ignoring everything that happened from the 1989 Burton movie until the last and disastrous Schumacker movie. Chris himself said once he is very fascinated with the character, once that he and his brother grew up with it. [232] Its highest-grossing market after North America was the UK, Ireland, and Malta, where it earned $89.1 million. [219][220] It also achieved the largest cumulative gross through its third and fourth days of release (both records first surpassed by Deathly Hallows – Part 2) and so on until its tenth day of release (records surpassed by Marvel's The Avengers). [177] It was also voted as one of New Zealand's favorite films in a 2015 poll. [116] When Ledger died, Zimmer felt like scrapping and composing a new theme, but decided that he could not be sentimental and compromise the "evil [Ledger's performance] projects". You can sense the atmosphere of anarchy and conquest, the smell of powder and dynamite, the tension and the horror of citizens from Gotham when they are lead to chose to die in their city or to be exiled from it, taken from stories like The Cult and the No Man's Land saga. The Joker kills Gambol and takes over his gang, and the mob ultimately decides to accept the offer. The story was gripping, the atmosphere was dark, edgy and the characters were interesting. [57], Before the release of Batman Begins, screenwriter David S. Goyer wrote a treatment for two sequels which introduced the Joker and Harvey Dent. Roger Ebert noted, "Throughout the film, [the Joker] devises ingenious situations that force Batman, Commissioner Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent to make impossible ethical decisions. Warner Bros. initially created a viral marketing campaign for The Dark Knight, developing promotional websites and trailers highlighting screenshots of Ledger as the Joker. The Dark Knight won two awards: Best Supporting Actor for Heath Ledger and Best Sound Editing. | | It is written by Danny Brocklehurst and stars MyAnna Buring as detective Helen Weeks. So you wind up dealing with the political figures, the media figures. It became huge from night to day, just like that. Production designer Nathan Crowley, who designed the Tumbler for Batman Begins, designed six models (built by special effects supervisor Chris Corbould) for use in the film's production, because of necessary crash scenes and possible accidents. An old foe wants a reunion. ", "Movie File: Brad Pitt, Chevy Chase, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Josh Lucas & More", "Mark Ruffalo Discusses His Try-Out For Harvey Dent/Two-Face Role In 'The Dark Knight, "Matt Damon Confirms He Was Up For Two-Face Role In 'The Dark Knight, "Aaron Eckhart puts on his best acting face", "Dwight Yoakam Pays Tribute to Buck Owens", "How Gotham Could Connect To The Dark Knight In Its Midseason Premiere", "Updates on The Dark Knight Plus Our Own Exclusive on the Involvement of Joker Creator Jerry Robinson in the Batman Sequel! Nestor Carbonell appears as Anthony Garcia, the mayor of Gotham.  It was then distributed to 4,366 cinemas, in the U.S and Canada, breaking the previous record held by … Marlon Brando, Votes: In the last movie, The Dark Knight Rises, it was heavily used to compose key situations to the movie and tie loose ends. Batman comes to Dent's rescue and Gordon, who faked his death, apprehends the Joker, securing a promotion to Commissioner. It's strong but it has a sense of lightheart at the end.Personally it left me very happy but at the same time with a bittersweet taste, knowing that a great era in the story of comic book movies had come to an end. Before he can flip for the boy, Batman, who was wearing body armor, tackles Dent off the building to his death. Everyone had his turf. "[257] Nick Pope of Esquire accused The Dark Knight of encouraging future superhero films "to take [themselves] far too seriously. Why So Serious? Heath Ledger was the first posthumous winner of the Best Supporting Actor award, and only the second posthumous acting winner ever (Peter Finch posthumously won the Best Actor award for his performance in the 1976 film Network). "[186], According to David S. Goyer, the primary theme of The Dark Knight is escalation. | | The ferry scene displays how humans can easily be enticed by iniquity, and how that could lead to potential disaster. That made Nolan reconsider making a movie about an eccentric rich man and to consider about making a movie about... another excentric rich man. It's a great and epic movie with strong characters, great development and surely a milestone from the history of cinema. It was also told by Heath Ledger in one of his interviews that some inspiration that he had for the role of Joker also came from Malcom McDowell from the Stanley Kubrick movie "A Clockwork Orange", R & Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Bat-Manga! It played at the AMC IMAX theaters in Universal CityWalk, Lincoln Square, Manhattan, and Metreon, as well as the Ontario Place Cinesphere. Act III (Furioso) - The Dark Knight RisesIn fact, when the plot of the very first movie decided to replace The Mark of Zorro in the origin story with an Opera in the evening, it just gave us all the clues about what was the approach of these movies.And it really delivers. and "The Dark Knight Returns" (both written by Frank Miller) and The Long Halloween (by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale). Tom Hardy as Bane is terrifying! | In spite of the film's critical success, the film was noticeably absent from the Best Picture nominee list, prompting controversy and leading many to criticize the Academy Awards for "snubbing" the film. The engines are located in the hubs of the wheels, which are set 3½ feet (1,067 mm) apart on either side of the tank. Vincenzo Nicoli played a crime boss in the meeting that had been held by the Joker and Lau. Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle is sexy, exciting, thrilling and very strong. [250] Meanwhile, Michael B. Jordan named Ledger's performance as an influence for the former's portrayal of Killmonger, the villain in Black Panther. You can see the arc where Alfred leaves the Wayne Manor in that same story. Denby criticized scenes which he argued to be meaningless or are cut short just as they become interesting. Former Batman actor Michael Keaton wouldn't confirm his return as the Dark Knight in the upcoming Flash movie, but he hasn't denied the possibility. [126] Also on July 8, 2008, the studio released Batman: Gotham Knight, a direct-to-DVD animated film, set between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and featuring six original stories, directed by Bruce Timm, co-creator and producer of Batman: The Animated Series, and starring veteran Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy. Act II (Intermezzo) - The Dark Knight [192][193] There was speculation that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences later changed their number of Best Picture nominees to ten, instead of the traditional five, because of the film's omission. The Dark Knight  The Dark Knight cost approximately $180 million to make. And speaking of right influences and drinking from the right sources, there's a story about the whole conception of the movie. [199], The Dark Knight earned $534.9 million in North America and $469.7 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $1 billion. 153 min It was constructed from 200 individual pieces of rubber, fiberglass, metallic mesh, and nylon. The film was the first mainstream feature to partially utilize IMAX 70 mm cameras, with Nolan using them for 28 minutes of the film, including the Joker's first appearance. WELL DONE! This film had many posters to promote this film, of many Or would it be several steps further? Drama, Sci-Fi. Stars: Jon Voight, Votes: They also made a fake news paper that you could read online. It was the best example of how to market your movie on the Internet and call a huge attention to the public in general, keeping the interest of people in the movie until the day of release.The episodes of this web series was like a news and talk show, bringing actor Anthony Michael Hall as the reporter Mike Engel, interviewing lots of important people from the city of Gotham, going from politicians to people like Lt. Gordon and Harvey Dent and also bringing some information about the city and it's celebrities, like Bruce Wayne and the Batman himself.The show had 6 webisodes, being the last one the bridge that connected those with the movie. Eliza Dushku, Ben McKenzie, A collection of key events mark Bruce Wayne's life as he journeys from beginner to Dark Knight. Most notable among the nominations were Heath Ledger's almost complete sweep of over twenty awards for acting, including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Supporting Actor, the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture, and the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. [194][195] In a question-and-answer session that followed the announcement, the Academy's then president Sidney Ganis said; "I would not be telling you the truth if I said the words Dark Knight did not come up. In the future, a sadistic gang leader is imprisoned and volunteers for a conduct-aversion experiment, but it doesn't go as planned. More than 17,000 people around the world participated in the final vote. Murphy also auditioned for the role of Batman in the films, though Christian Bale ultimately received the role. The rider lies belly down on the tank, which can move up and down to dodge any incoming gunfire that Batman may encounter. After all the darkness, the movie gives the audience in its end a sense of closure and internal peace, leaving people with the wonderful and courageous story of Bruce Wayne and Batman, as the epic and true legend it is. Batman persuades Gordon to hold him responsible for the killing spree and preserve Dent's heroic image. "[105] In creating the "anarchical" look of the Joker, Hemming drew inspiration from such countercultural pop culture artists as Pete Doherty, Iggy Pop, and Johnny Rotten. Harvey Dent was the hero, Batman the murderer, the outcast... as predicted by Alfred!So Bruce becomes a recluse and retires Batman, but when Catwoman started an old feeling on Bruce and Bane came to town he feels a storm rising and decides to go back in action as Batman again.The story is gripping, it never makes you blink. $6.21M. That last event elevated the box office of the film to the billions heaven and brought to it a sense of legend never imagined for a long time on the film industry, not to mention that gave the late actor a posthumous Oscar for best supporting actor. Denby concludes that Ledger is "mesmerizing" in every scene. But first, a brief history of Batman on the big screen.THE DARK PASTEverything started in 1943. The characters would have real deth and the tone would be serious and epic, with some occasional humor, but not enough to rip the serious tone. [60] While initially uncertain of whether or not he would return to direct the sequel, Nolan did want to reinterpret the Joker on screen. Retrouvez tout le casting du film The Dark Knight Rises réalisé par Christopher Nolan avec Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Tell us what you think about this feature. [183] Reviewing the film in The Sunday Times, Cosmo Landesman reached the opposite conclusion to Klavan, arguing that The Dark Knight "offers up a lot of moralistic waffle about how we must hug a terrorist—okay, I exaggerate. At its heart, however, is a long and tedious discussion about how individuals and society must never abandon the rule of law in struggling against the forces of lawlessness. Action, Adventure. [143] In 2016, Playboy ranked the film number five on its list of 15 Sequels That Are Way Better Than The Originals. He doesn't think about franchises, he's a more Leoneish kind of director. Nolan's inspiration for the film was the Joker's comic book debut in 1940, the 1988 graphic novel The Killing Joke, and the 1996 series The Long Halloween, which retold Harvey Dent's origin. [91] For the film's prologue involving the Joker, the crew shot in Chicago from April 18, 2007 to April 24, 2007. Director: [131] In March 2008, Harvey Dent's fictional campaign informed fans that actual campaign buses nicknamed "Dentmobiles" would tour various cities to promote Dent's candidacy for district attorney. $534.86M. The Dark Knight Trilogy (Special Edition) (Blu-ray) 4.8 out of 5 stars 2,017 Blu-ray $20.28 $ 20. 752,348 Warner Bros. Digital Distribution Launches Groundbreaking ‘App Editions’ of Feature Films ‘The Dark Knight’ And ‘Inception’ by Ron Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Feb 16th, 2011 in News Tom Hardy, Spry, Jeff (February 2014). [16][27] Nolan noted, "We gave a Francis Bacon spin to [his face]. Directors: | The story can perfectly be left here, like the closing of a circle.More than that! [55] Matt Skiba, co-lead vocalist and guitarist of the bands Alkaline Trio and Blink-182, made a small appearance in the film. [231] It topped the weekend box office outside North America three consecutive times and four in total. But not only that. ", is based around two notes. ", "Dark Knight Director Shuns Digital Effects for the Real Thing", "Exclusive Interview: Gary Oldman for "The Dark Knight, "In 'Dark Knight,' The Often-Incompetent Jim Gordon Actually Knows What He's Doing", "Gary Oldman Discusses His Role as Jim Gordon in 'The Dark Knight, "Aaron Eckhart: Not Just Another Pretty Face in 'The Dark Knight, "(Dark Knight Exclusive): Aaron Eckhart Q&A", "Video Interview: Schreiber & Stiles on The Omen! | Gross: KNIGHT DISTRIBUTING CO & REGENCY COSMETICS THE PROUD MANUFACTURERS OF JADE EAST, MY SECRET CORRECTIVES & OTHER QUALITY & VALUE PRODUCTS MADE IN THE USA SINCE 1966 Menu [117] Howard composed Dent's "elegant and beautiful" themes,[116] which are brass-focused. In addition, Ledger's win marked the first win in any of the major Oscar categories (producing, directing, acting, or writing) for a superhero-based film. Animation, Action, Crime. !Let's hear it for one of the greatest directors of modern days, Christopher Nolan! They were thugs, but there was a kind of order. We keep blowing up stuff, so we can keep our images clean. [68] A theatrical teaser was also released with non-IMAX showings of I Am Legend, and also on the official website. The Dark Knight also received nominations from the Writers Guild of America (for Best Adapted Screenplay), the Producers Guild of America, and the Directors Guild of America, as well as a slew of other guild award nominations and wins. Stars: Dent is taken into protective custody, but the Joker appears and attacks the convoy. That's what makes the character so dark, because he expresses a vengeful desire." Kevin Conroy, "[182] Klavan's article has received criticism on the Internet and in mainstream media outlets, such as in The New Republic's "The Plank". And fortunately, it was accepted. [4] [68] He also chose to compress the overall storyline, allowing him to develop Dent into a criminal in The Dark Knight, thus giving the film an emotional arc the unsympathetic Joker could not offer. Along, of course, we have other elements from the first Joker story published in Batman #1 written in 1940 by Bob Kane, Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson and also from the first Two-Face story from 1941. Also, David Goyer, the writer of the Blade movies is also another huge Batman fan, and so Chris, with all that support and with a huge interest about diving into the Dark Knight's world decided to take the challenge. | Gross: [143][144] On aggregating review website Rotten Tomatoes, The Dark Knight has an approval rating of 94%, based on 341 reviews, with an average score of 8.6/10. ", "Movies: In Stetson or Wig, He's Hard to Pin Down", "World Exclusive: The Joker Speaks: He's a Cold-blooded Mass-murdering Clown", "Heath Ledger Says His Joker Has 'Zero Empathy, "Nolan Talks DARK KNIGHT Blu-Ray, a 100,000 Person Screening of the Film (Featuring Live Q & A w/ Nolan), TDK Sequel, and More!! [175] The film was also included and ranked 57th on Hollywood's 100 Favorite Films, a list compiled by The Hollywood Reporter, surveying "Studio chiefs, Oscar winners and TV royalty. The series is an adaptation of the Mark Billingham novels, Time of Death and In The Dark. Ng Chin Han portrays Lau, a corrupt Chinese LSI Holdings accountant Triad boss. Nolan have balls that big! Stars: Releases were in the form of a one-disc edition on DVD; a two-disc edition on DVD; a two-disc edition including a Batmask on DVD and BD; a two-disc Bat-pod statuette Limited BD Edition; a two-disc BD edition; and a four-disc Batman Begins/The Dark Knight pack on DVD and BD. Hedy Lamarr, Completing the scavenger hunt also led to another website called Rory's Death Kiss[122] (referencing the false working title of Rory's First Kiss), where fans could submit photographs of themselves costumed as the Joker. 2,282,127 [140], In the United States and Canada, The Dark Knight was distributed to 4,366 theaters, breaking the previous record for the highest number of theaters held by Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End in 2007. So Nolan was thinking next in making a movie about Howard Hughes, but Scorcese stepped in first and released The Aviator. He praised the performances, direction, and writing, saying the film "redefine[s] the possibilities of the comic-book movie. in the movie clearly states. An old Brach's factory was used as Gotham Hospital. [56] David Dastmalchian appears as Thomas Schiff, a paranoid schizophrenic from Arkham Asylum who joins the Joker's gang, but gets captured and held at gunpoint by Dent after posing as an Honor Guard at Loeb's funeral alongside the Joker himself. [102] Cinematographer Wally Pfister found the Chinese government officials —who wanted to limit helicopter activity over the city— a "nightmare", and ultimately Nolan had to create Batman's jump from a skyscraper digitally. After the movie, Christopher Nolan left his days of an independent low budget filmmaker that used to make excellent movies to go one step further to become a generous budget excellent movie maker. [101] Environmentalists also criticized the filmmakers' request to tenants of the waterfront skyscrapers to keep their lights on all night to enhance the cinematography, describing it as a waste of energy. Loud Distribution The Dark Knight Rises-Catwoman Head Women's T-Shirt White X-Large: Free UK Shipping on Orders Over £20 and Free 30-Day Returns, on … He has no motive, no orders, and no desires but to cause havoc and "watch the world burn". Edna May Oliver, A more down to earth approach.It was settled. [88] While filming in Chicago, the film was given the false title Rory's First Kiss to lower the visibility of production, but the local media eventually uncovered the ruse. Batman, District Attorney Harvey Dent and Lieutenant Jim Gordon form an alliance to rid Gotham of organized crime. It was difficult simulating fire on Eckhart because it is inherently unrealistic for only half of something to burn. Stars: and some even say that "The Crow" was also a source of inspiration, something that we can take for granted, considering the Joker's make up in the movie.With a box office that huge and all the recognition Nolan earned from the excellent critics and opinions by public and media, it's more than obvious that it would generated a next Batman flick. Not wanting Reese's revelation to interfere with his plans, the Joker threatens to destroy a hospital unless someone kills Reese within the hour. Rochelle Davis, 158,831 [221] Moreover, it was the fastest film to reach $100 million (a record first surpassed by New Moon), $150 million and each additional $50 million through $450 million (records surpassed by Marvel's The Avengers), and $500 million (a record first surpassed by Avatar). Sean Young, The tone was more realistic, in fact the whole proposal of the movie was to be as realistic as possible, explaining lots of things about the nature and resources of Batman. ", "50 Greatest Superhero Movie Performances of All Time", "Revenge of the Movie: 15 Sequels That Are Way Better Than The Originals", "American Cinematographer Poll Names Amélie Best-Shot Film of 1998–2008", "Barry Norman's 100 Greatest Films of All Time", "50 Best Movies of Total Film Magazine's Lifetime", "New Zealand's favourite film is The Shawshank Redemption", "The 100 Greatest Movies Of The 21st Century: 10 - 1", "The Dark Knight â€“ the Sunday Times review", "Assessing the Themes of The Dark Knight", "The 81st Academy Awards (2009) Nominees and Winners", "Session Timeout â€“ Academy Awards Database â€“ AMPAS", "The week in geek: The Dark Knight's Oscars snub is a disgrace", "Why So Serious? Brigitte Helm, [98], The following month in London at the defunct Battersea Power Station, a rigged 200-foot fireball was filmed, reportedly for an opening sequence, prompting calls from local residents who feared a terrorist attack on the station. But they still manages to give us their own and original point of view about the source material.The characters are great, the story is very well tied in and the decision to never treat these films like a "franchise" that gives always clues to a next chapter makes the whole difference.Instead of thinking about these films in a movie structure, I like to think about them as an opera being enacted to us. An alien orphan is sent from his dying planet to Earth, where he grows up to become his adoptive home's first and greatest superhero. | Gross: Margot Kidder, "[145] Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating based on reviews from top mainstream critics, calculated an average score of 84 out of 100, based on 39 critics, indicating "universal acclaim. Ledger also said that he felt he was barely wearing any make-up. [74] In August 2006, one of the film's producers, Charles Roven, stated that its principal photography would begin in March 2007,[75] but filming was pushed back to April. [167] On the March 22, 2011 television special Best in Film: The Greatest Movies of Our Time, The Dark Knight was voted the second-best action film while the Joker, as portrayed by Ledger, was voted the third-greatest film character. The Batman has returned after a 10-year absence. Loren Lester, Gary Oldman, Votes: $32.87M. Kevin Conroy, [155], Emanuel Levy wrote Ledger "throws himself completely" into the role,[156] and that the film represents Nolan's "most accomplished and mature" work, and the most technically impressive and resonant of all the Batman films. Aaron Eckhart recalled, "Chris looked at me and he said, 'Heath is doing something special.' "[153] Entertainment Weekly put it on its end-of-the-decade, "best-of" list, saying, "Every great hero needs a great villain. Before he can, however, Dent announces that he is Batman. It brings a smile in your face and a cheerful feeling of victory.It's exciting and very emotive. He is one of only five actors to appear in all three films. | [237] In the United States, The Dark Knight set a sales record for most DVDs sold in one day, selling 3 million units on its first day of release—600,000 of which were Blu-ray Discs. Fritz Lang Jack Conway, [16][107], Hemming and Ledger's Joker design has had an impact in popular and political culture in the form of the Barack Obama "Joker" poster, and has since become a meme in its own right. | [156] Levy and Peter Travers conclude that the film is "haunting and visionary,"[152][156] while Levy goes on to say that The Dark Knight is "nothing short of brilliant. 164 min Ronald Colman, [99] A similar incident occurred during the filming in Chicago, when an abandoned Brach's candy factory (which was Gotham Hospital in the film) was demolished. Would it be a sequel, Batman 5? Disc 2 of the two-disc Special Edition DVD features the six main IMAX sequences in the original 1.44:1 aspect ratio. 136 min 165,621 When you're dealing with questionable notions like people taking the law into their own hands, you have to really ask, where does that lead? Colin McFarlane reprises his role as Gillian B. Loeb, the Police Commissioner of Gotham. Based on the DC Comics character Batman, the film is the second installment of Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy and a sequel to 2005's Batman Begins, starring Christian Bale and supported by Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Morgan Freeman. Stars: It's a very thrilling element in the film, and a very important element, but we wanted to deal with the rise of the Joker, not the origin of the Joker. [69] Nolan acknowledged the title was not only a reference to Batman, but also the fallen "white knight" Harvey Dent. The Joker gives Dent a gun and convinces him to seek revenge for Rachel's death, then destroys the hospital and escapes with a busload of hostages. He would remap the Joker. A blade runner must pursue and terminate four replicants who stole a ship in space, and have returned to Earth to find their creator. 102 min We will miss you! I, particulary don't like them the way some people do, I just don't have any kind of love or nostalgic feeling for them, but truth is, Tim Burton films were the closest attempts to show Batman the closest way possible to the comics, but still, it has major flaws, both Burton films, that crippled any attempt of going on with that proposal.After that, there were lots of proposals to bring Batman back on the big screen, there was a sequel to Schumacher's movies called "Batman Triumphant" that, THANK GOD, never happened. Created and composited by Doğan Can Gündoğdu Additional 3D Modelling by Günışığı Cihangir Music by Massive Attack The Dark Knight… The Dark Knight Rises - Opening Credits Project on Vimeo Not that he wasn't imagining telling another story, IF the right story came to mind. Eric Roberts plays Sal Maroni, an Italian mafia boss who takes over Carmine Falcone's mob, and Ritchie Coster portrays the Chechen, a Chechen mafia boss in charge of drug-trafficking for the mob. | Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi. [222] Finally, it achieved the largest second-weekend gross (a record first surpassed by Avatar). [218] It achieved the largest Sunday gross with $43.6 million[206] and the largest opening week from Friday to Thursday with $238.6 million (both records surpassed by Marvel's The Avengers). Michael Caine, Votes: [100], Filming took place in Hong Kong from November 6 to 11, 2007, at various locations in Central, including Hong Kong's tallest building at the time, the International Finance Centre, for the scene where Batman captures Lau. [201], In order to increase the film's chances of crossing $1 billion in worldwide gross and of winning Oscars, Warner Bros. re-released the film in traditional and IMAX theaters in the United States and other countries on January 23, 2009. [24] Christopher had Jonathan watch Fritz Lang's 1933 crime film The Testament of Dr. Mabuse prior to writing the Joker,[63][64] with the Joker resembling Mabuse's characteristics. "[15], The film introduces the Batpod, which is a recreation of the Batcycle. Aaron Eckhart, As the police launch a manhunt for Batman, Gordon destroys the Bat-signal, Fox watches as the sonar device self-destructs, and Alfred Pennyworth burns a letter from Rachel saying she planned to marry Dent. – The Misconceptions of Me, Best in Film: The Greatest Movies of Our Time, List of accolades received by The Dark Knight, Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Supporting Actor, Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture, BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, "Academy Awards Database – ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE, 2008", "Dark Knight: Christian Bale: Batman/Bruce Wayne", "A Director Confronts Darkness and Death", "IESB Exclusive: Heath Ledger Talks the Joker!