Colorex Liquid ECC

Focus on E.coli and Coliforms 

Different regulations exist for E.coli/Coliform research in water samples. This can be explained by the importance of these germs in determining water and food safety.

Worldwide, water and food quality control for human consumption are based on detecting the presence/absence of E.coli and coliforms.

Coliforms, Enterobacteriacae able to ferment lactose (lactose positive Enterobacteriacae), are bacteria present in human and warm-blooded animal intestinal flora, in the soil and water. Coliforms are proof of organic, environmental or faecal contamination. Faecal contamination, due to colifoms coming from animal waste, consists mainly of Escherichia coli and thermotolerant Klebsiella.


Medium Performance

1. Simplicity: Very easy to prepare compared to agar based culture media.

2. Broth technique: Innovative chromogenic culture medium to be used in broth form (without agar) within the water filtration technique, to impregnate the pad or the filter. You can take an aliquot so to prepare the exact quantity of broth you desire. Thanks to this flexibility, you get rid of the prepared media stock and shelf life management headaches and get the insurance to always work with fresh media. 

3. Economic: Only 2ml/test (instead of the 10-20ml for other culture media). 

4. Easy Method: Colorex Liquid ECC allows a simultaneous detection and differentiation between E.coli and coliforms in one medium. This is helpful to determine if there is organic contamination (coliforms) or faecal contamination (E.coli). The use of this technique involves less work in comparison with traditional methods (MI Agar).

5. Easy to read thanks to the high colour contrast between colonies. There is no mixing of both colours (contrary to other chromogenic media on the market). Colonies are either blue or purple.