Colorex STEC

Focus on STEC E.coli

An increasing and worrisome number of studies have lately shown that, non-O157 ShigaToxin-producing E.coli (STEC) have been responsible for foodborne poisoning outbreaks.

Therefore, several regulatory authorities urge worldwide food industry to implement measures to control the absence of such organisms in their production.

In many cases, laboratories have limited their search for pathogenic E.coli to the common O157 serotype. This is due, among other reasons, to the fact that there were no available selective culture media for non-O157 E.coli.

Colorex STEC is designed to fill this gap: detection, as mauve colonies, of not only the classical STEC O157, but also many other serotypes.


Medium Performance

Easy reading: a majority of STEC strains grow in mauve colony color, while other bacteria grow in blue, colourless or are inhibited.

Highly STEC selective medium: excellent tool for large number of samples screening procedures.

Worldwide premiere: unique medium in the market for STEC detection.

Flexibility: it can be supplemented with additional compounds to render it even more selective for the strain causing an outbreak.