Food and Water Industry

Colorex R&D department pursues its efforts to develop new and ever more efficient chromogenic solutions for the detection of a variety of foodborne pathogens. 

Traditional methods are time consuming, step redundant and often complex. With Colorex chromogenic media, the plates reading is clear thanks to contrasted  colony colours. In most cases, one single plate is sufficient for presumptive identification. This page will give you an overview of most of our products designed to cover the major food industry Q.C. needs.


Colorex Listeria

Colorex Identification Listeria

Colorex Salmonella Plus    

Colorex STEC     

Colorex O157

Colorex E.coli

Colorex ECC

Colorex B.cereus

Colorex Vibrio

Colorex Staph aureus

Colorex Liquid ECC

Colorex Y.enterocolitica

RambaQUICK Salmonella

Rambach Agar