Colorex MRSA

Focus on MRSA

Over recent years, the occurrence of hospital infections caused by methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) has been increasing steadily, representing around 20 to 55% of the isolates in Europe and in the USA.

Leading cause of nosocomial infections, especially in intensive care units, the MRSA sources are either endogenous (the patient) or through cross contamination (environmental or by person to person contact).

The major issue with this pathogen is its resistance to a large panel of antibiotics, among them beta-lactam antibiotics, limiting the therapeutic options for clinicians.


Medium Performance 

1. Fast: MRSA mauve Colonies in 18-24h.

2. Reliable: Colorex MRSA, introduced in 2002, was the first chromogenic medium for MRSA detection. It lead to such significant reductions in both, the response time and laboratory workload, that it allowed an absolutely necessary wide-scale patient screening.

3. Rapidly detect MRSA strains with heterogeneous resistance with better sensitivity than oxacillin. 

4. High sensitivity: The medium exhibits sensitivity and specificity values close to 100%. Colorex MRSA allows an accurate detection of MRSA with a higher level of sensitivity than oxacillin containing media.

5. Easy interpretation: intense mauve colony colour.